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Most important characteristic of our industry is the quality, speed and honesty


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We use clean tanning materials and environmentally friendly


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We care about quality before anything



Means precision, order , dedication at work and punctuality

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Harby for Tanning & Export Leather

  • HARBY TANNERY was established at 1944 and

     We have another new tannery established at 2009 one of biggest tannery in old Cairo area with highest technology, Located 11MOAWAD EBAID- MISR EL  KADIMAH OLD TANNERIS ARAE  -CAIRO – EGYPT

    Harby Tannery Corporation deeply values its customers. By treating its clients as long-term business partners, it continues to understand, to develop and to provide quality products for its customers, further providing them with extensive invaluable customer support.


    Harby Tannery Corporation offers a wide range of leathers to satisfy our customers’ needs including crust, finishing and vegetable-retanned leathers.

    Some of the leather is sold locally and most exported to international markets.


    Harby Tanning Company has been well known for it's high quality, specialty cow and buffalo leather for the foot wear, leather goods, automotive upholstery Industries and personal leather goods manufacturers.

The Best Tannerie is Harby Tannery

When you're on a date with quality, speed and accuracy with the Harby Tammery thou and if you need to Tanneries.

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